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Scientology Mission of Malibu

Just found out about the new Scientology Mission of Malibu from a posting on the Celebrity Scientologists blog.

What a beautiful place! Wouldn’t mind spending time there every week!

Traditionally missions are smaller that Scientology churches, and are sometimes more out of the way (as in countries where Scientology is just starting up, like the Philippines, Nigeria, Costa Rica etc.). But Scientologists who want to help people get started in Scientology and provide services in their own community often open missions and they offer life improvement courses, book courses, introductory services and auditing through the State of Clear.

This particular mission, in Malibu, is stunning! It really fits in with the upbeat trendy atmosphere of Malibu.

The Mission offers the public Dianetics seminars, Life Improvement Courses to help improve things like relationships, communication skills, getting along with others, personal values and integrity, work, money, and more. They also offer personal counseling (also called auditing) up to the state called Clear.

They also offer the Purification Rundown. They have a beautiful sauna and exercise equipment for that purpose. L. Ron Hubbard discovered that the individual cannot make full spiritual gain when he or she has been taking drugs. The Purification Rundown rids the body of residues of drugs and toxins. It can help detox a person currently on drugs and help him overcome cravings for drugs in the future, but where it fits in with Scientology, it makes it possible to make full gains from Scientology auditing

The Church Of Scientology Mission of Malibu offers several free introductory services for the public such as free personality and IQ testing, seminars, films, and tours.

They are happy to have people drop in and find out what Scientology is about.

If you have any questions about their hours of operation or when the next seminar is, or anything else, go ahead and give them a call at 310-317-1980. Or you can email the Mission at .


Scientology Fundamentals

What a dapper fellow! Loved reading his win. He took this course at the Scientology Mission of SOMA in San Francisco, famous as the Scientology Mission opened by Dharma of Dharma and
Greg.M.S., a professional tango dancer, completed Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought Book Course. .
He said, “This has improved my knowledge and understanding of everyday living. And how to work with other people. I would recommend this course to anyone!”

Love it!

David Miscavige released these new books and lectures a little over a year ago. I’m having GREAT wins myself from studying them!  As a matter of fact, I’ve been spending all my spare time with my nose stuck to a book (vs. a blog).  There went my blogging time!

DDB awards Scientology founder, anti-drug crusader

Quezon City (14 February)- Known for the drug rehabilitation and education techniques that he developed, L. Ron Hubbard earned a plaque of recognition from the Dangerous Drugs Board Tuesday, with world famous singer and Scientology advocate David Pomeranz receiving the posthumous award on his behalf.

Secretary Anselmo S. Avenido Jr., DDB Chairman, recognized Hubbard for his humanitarian commitment and as the “source of information and wellspring of inspiration”. He further stressed that the DDB is sincerely grateful for his contributions in the fields of drug education and rehabilitation, and for being someone who did not stop at being mere anti-drug advocate but instead came up with a concrete technology to counter the ill effects of drugs. >>

Scientology founder, anti-drug crusader

The Philippines have awarded L. Ron Hubbard for his work in the field of drug education and drug rehabilitation.

There is a very serious drug problem in the Philippines. Drugs not only destroy lives, they take lives, and what LRH discovered makes it possible for people to get off drugs without having to take some other drug as a substitute.

Scientology helped Seinfeld in comedy career

I’m late commenting on it, but the “news” this week that Comedian Jerry Seinfeld credits Scientology with making him a better comic is interesting.

It makes sense to me.

For one thing, according to L. Ron Hubbard and what he covered in the book Science of Survival, sense of humor is connected to the emotional well being of the person.  If you can spot someone on the tone scale you can predict what he or she will find funny.   There is even a section in the book that helps someone locate the correct tone level (emotional state) of an entire audience in under 2 minutes.  That could mean the difference between popularity and a complete flop for a stand up comic.

Then there is communication.  What Seinfeld brought up in his interview was the skill he learned in communicating.  It is very true that Scientology emphasizes communication as a vital part of life.  If fact, Hubbard discovered that it is one of the three component parts of life, the other two being Affinity and Reality.

There are drills you can learn to improve your ability to communicate to anyone — even a dysfunctional boss or a family member.  What is amazing is how effective it is– no matter what the other person is like, if you have this skill you can actually keep the stress down to a bare minimum and even improve the relationship with those impossible people you know.

Do You want to Pay for FDA Internal Problems?

Forbes announced today that the Food and Drug Administration is about to spend $1.5 million to train 2,000 staff to avoid the kind of fallout that occurred after the agency withdrew the Merck & Co. Inc.’s Vioxx. The painkiller was pulled from pharmacy shelves in 2004 after studies revealed patients using it were at higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

I personally object to spending $1.5 million of tax payer money on this, when simple solutions exist that are far less expensive.

For example, if every one of the 2000 employees simply got and read The Problems of Work by L. Ron Hubbard most if not all of the points to be covered by this program would be addressed.

Mr. David Miscavige released a brand new edition of this book–a perennial favorite. He also pointed out that although it is a simple book that can be used effectively to introduce people to the subject of Scientology and its application in life, it is also a compilation of the essential information to improve efficiency, reliability and happiness in the workplace.

9/11 Six Years Later

On the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, I think of what L. Ron Hubbard wrote in Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950, 6 weeks before the official date of the beginning of the Korean War.

The lines of battle that were drawn at that time were between the US and her allies and Soviet Union and hers. At that time Mr. Hubbard stated,

“The farmer in Iowa has no quarrel with the storekeeper of Stalingrad. Those who say such quarrels exist lie.

“There are no international concerns which cannot be resolved by peaceable means, not in terms of supranational government, but in the terms of reason.”

Last year at the celebration of the anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists David Miscavige made much the same statement.

Well, six years after 9/11, I have no quarrel with the goat herd or farmer or oil well worker if Iraq and I feel nothing but the greatest sympathy for the people of this country.

Oxfam and the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Coordination Committee in Iraq have reported just last month in a paper, called “Rising to the Humanitarian Challenge in Iraq,” that the plight of the Iraqi people has not bettered but has worsened since US and other countries invaded the country.

“Eight million people are in urgent need of emergency aid; that figure includes over two million who are displaced within the country, and more than two million refugees. Many more are living in poverty, without basic services, and increasingly threatened by disease and malnutrition.”

So on this day of reflection and remembering I state I want to put an end to all war of Man against Man, and work together with my fellow man to battle our common enemies: ignorance, poverty, starvation and the elements.