I think the Internet is a fabulous way to share news and meet people. I love the fact that wordpress.com makes it so easy to interact with a whole community of bloggers.

As you can tell from my postings, my main areas of interest are helping people using Scientology. For almost 40 years I’ve been very much involved with Scientology one way or another, either as a student, a volunteer, working for Scientology churches, or just through using the technology in my life.

My favorite Scientology program is the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. But I am also really proud of what Scientologists do to help people get off drugs, and help kids avoid the personal tragedy of drugs in the first place.

I think Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was one of the most incredible geniuses to have lived, and the fact that he took the care to document everything he learned and preserve it as books and lectures is just another aspect of his genius, as it’s one thing for a man to be smart or even effective, and it is an entirely different thing for him to share his wisdom with others and in such a way that anyone can grasp it.


One response to “About

  1. Hi there. I just left a comment on your post about the married couple in Chicago.

    I’m here to suggest again that you moderate your comments. In this way, you can ensure that people who only wish to leave hateful messages are not able to use your blog to do so.

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