What is Scientology

This photo of a Scientology Volunteer Minister is one of my favorites as it captures the essence of being a Scientologist.

Scientology is all about caring about people: your family, your friends, your community, school, the people at work, and people you’ve never even met, but who need help.

But lots of people care. And most people want to help. So the real difference is that Scientology provides tools that anyone can learn and use to help themselves and others.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers train, using the textbook called the Scientology Handbook. This is a compilation of the works of L. Ron Hubbard for use in helping someone sort out the problems in their life. Whether it is help with salvaging a marriage, resolving conflicts, setting and accomplishing goals, getting a grip on stress, or improving one’s personal integrity and self esteem, there are simple techniques in this book to help.

As a Scientologist I’m used to people asking me “What is Scientology?”

And what I recommend to anyone asking this question is — read a book by L. Ron Hubbard. Then you will know for yourself what an exceptional humanitarian Mr. Hubbard really is, and you will not only satisfy your curiosity, but you will walk away with something you can use.

Everyone can use some help today. You included. Do yourself a favor and find out about Scientology for yourself.


One response to “What is Scientology

  1. richard alan cooper

    ive only been a scientologist for a few months i find it very calming and feel its one of the most sensible things ive done is to make the decision to become a scientologist l ron hubbard is a genius all he tried to do is good and all the people i know put him down theyre wrong i wish they could watch some of the dvds ive seen about l ron hubbard and scientology

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