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DDB awards Scientology founder, anti-drug crusader

Quezon City (14 February)- Known for the drug rehabilitation and education techniques that he developed, L. Ron Hubbard earned a plaque of recognition from the Dangerous Drugs Board Tuesday, with world famous singer and Scientology advocate David Pomeranz receiving the posthumous award on his behalf.

Secretary Anselmo S. Avenido Jr., DDB Chairman, recognized Hubbard for his humanitarian commitment and as the “source of information and wellspring of inspiration”. He further stressed that the DDB is sincerely grateful for his contributions in the fields of drug education and rehabilitation, and for being someone who did not stop at being mere anti-drug advocate but instead came up with a concrete technology to counter the ill effects of drugs. >>


Scientology founder, anti-drug crusader

The Philippines have awarded L. Ron Hubbard for his work in the field of drug education and drug rehabilitation.

There is a very serious drug problem in the Philippines. Drugs not only destroy lives, they take lives, and what LRH discovered makes it possible for people to get off drugs without having to take some other drug as a substitute.