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David Miscavige Hosted Scientology Gathering

East Grinstead has never seen the likes of it.  More than 6,500 Scientologists all gathered together at the same time in the same place in a huge tent outside Saint Hill Manor, to hear David Miscavige tell the story of how the Church overcame all odds to arrive where it is today.



Events with David Miscavige

I just read this posting on the Scientology Religion Blog and I have tgo agree.  I love going to these events.  Really brings things in life into perspective for me.

David Miscavige Briefing at Maiden Voyage

I attended the Maiden Voyage Event last weekend and it was incredible to see how much we’ve accomplished in the past year.

As usual it was a total treat seeing David Miscavige at the podium. What in incredible speaker. And he certainly has a way of presenting the news that keeps you riveted to every word he says.

I was so excited to see the new ideal org buildings.

And I, for one, am winning so much on studying the Basic Scientology Books and Lectures that it was a treat seeing the success stories of other people who are winning too.

I love the events David Miscavige emcees. I’m sure the rest of the summer of events will be incredible too.