Scientology Website Has More New Features

The Scientology website has the who documentary called Real People-Real Stories. It’s a very effective film showing the effects drugs have on the lives of kids and adults, their friends and their families.  It is very interesting, informative and a really good way to help someone who is considering taking drugs.


New Scientology Website

I love the new Scientology web site. Very informative, lots of interesting stories and videos including international Scientology events with David Miscavige, like the one announcing the release of all the basic Books of L. Ron Hubbard. Easy to navigate and a pleasure.

Haiti Relief Effort

Incredible work being done by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Haiti.  The Scientology Volunteer Ministers blog is well worth subscribing to. Regular updates and the work these guys are doing is truly heroic.  Today Rebecca Harrington’s Scientology blog on Huffington post talks about the newest aspect of this relief effort—sending a ship full of supplies to Haiti.

Scientology sends doctors to Haiti: Fox 5 NY video

Who is David Miscavige?

(Text: From the web site of Religious Technology Center)
“David Miscavige is Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center (RTC), a non-profit organization formed in 1982 to preserve, maintain and protect the Scientology religion.

“RTC holds the ultimate ecclesiastical authority regarding the standard and pure application of L. Ron Hubbard’s religious technologies. Religious Technology Center is not part of the management structure of the Church, nor is it involved in the Church’s day-to-day affairs.

“The Chairman of the Board is the most senior office in RTC, and one for which David Miscavige is uniquely qualified>>

John Travolta and Kelly Preston: Scientology Icons

Two of the most famous Scientologists, John Travolta and Kelley Preston are the best.  I’ve met them both at Celebrity Center and saw Kelley at a Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) benefit dinner they are so not impressed with themselves.

There was some real garbage in the media recently, after their son’s death, that John was distancing himself from Scientology.  I personally think it is such a disservice to people like John that they have to be on their best behavior even when they are mourning.  No expects this of anyone else.  I suppose if he’d gone out the MacDonalds’ that would have proven that hamburgers are part of his ritual for the handling of personal loss.

Scientologists Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

Thought I’d share this photo.  Lovely couple and from everything I’ve heard, very down-to-Earth, genuine people.

The “Scientology bashers” give them more than their fair share of abuse.  But I guess when you turn on the limelight the insects and vermin can’t resist it.