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Hillary Clinton vs. Tom Cruise

I saw this video on Spiritually Inclined and was taken aback by how similar Hillary’s statements are to those of Tom Cruise. Check it out yourself.


Tom Cruise Bio — Anything worth reading?

Ever notice that people who “can’t” can sure bad-mouth people who “can”?

Back when I was a teenager, my mother warned me to keep my own integrity and never believe the bad things people said until I checked it out myself.

Pity Andrew Morton never met my mother, or that his own didn’t have a similar piece of advice, or that he didn’t listen.

Of course, seems his whole career has been based on this kind of unverifiable, fabricated clap-trap, so I guess it would not be to his advantage to state facts or truth. They his books would just have to depend on his ability to write vs. the controversy he generates as a smokescreen to his lack of ability.

Tom Cruise — a Breath of Fresh Air

I ran across this article that put the whole Tom Cruise bio in the right perspective.Thank god there’s a journalist with the courage to see what’s going on and come out and say it.

Mugged in print by bigots in righteous masks

Miranda Devine
January 31, 2008

It is a good idea to be suspicious any time the media pack decides to gang up on someone – as they have done with Tom Cruise. Sure, he belongs to a religion, Scientology, that seems pretty kooky on face value, but that is his right, as in any country that is supposed to respect freedom of religion.

He has done nothing to deserve the ridicule and character assassination which has reached a climax with the publication this month in America of Andrew Morton’s unauthorised biography.

The premise of Morton’s book is that Cruise is a dangerous nutter in the grips of a psychotic cult, and old videos posted on the internet gossip site of Cruise addressing a Scientology convention and inarticulately trying to convey his passion for the religion in a TV interview seem to have sealed the impression.

While Scientology certainly appears eccentric, with its talk of extra-terrestrials and “thetans”, so, too, does most New Age claptrap. Many traditional religions have oddball elements, strictly speaking, and among the most bigoted and dogmatic people around are atheists.

But if Scientology makes Cruise happy, and he doesn’t mind donating large chunks of his fortune to the church, so what? From what we have seen of Cruise, and the account Morton gives of his life, there is much to admire about him. >>

She goes on later to state:

Morton also describes a series of events in which Cruise has played good samaritan – in 1996 he stopped to help a hit-and-run victim in California and paid her hospital bills; he rescued two children being crushed in the crowd at a Mission: Impossible movie premiere in London, he sent the tender from his yacht to help five people who had abandoned a sinking boat and he “consoled a sobbing housewife” who had just been mugged near his house. While in New Zealand he stopped on a road to change the flat tire of a stranded couple.

What can we make from that? That he’s a nice guy, who doesn’t think he is above helping people he sees in distress. Why make it weird? Morton tries to weave these good deeds into his book as an example of Cruise’s Scientology induced monomania. But if that’s what his religion makes him do, there should be more of it.

She really hit the nail on the head here.

There have been times I’ve walked by someone who needed help. I’m not proud of that. I admire Tom Cruise so much for not being “above” helping people. And I know it’s not a status thing with him–it’s just that he does care about people. It is so obvious in the way he treats his fans. He spends hours signing autographs, and talking to people’s kids or folks on their cell phones. He’s just a genuinely nice person.

With so many celebrities who are bad examples, you have to ask yourself why there would be such a concerted effort to try to make Tom Cruise look odd because he is enthusiastic about his family, his religion and helping people. Do we really want to live in a society where you’re considered a nut because you care enough to express your views and help people? I sure as hell hope not.

Katie Holmes — the Winner

It takes guts to finish a marathon, and Katie Holmes not only finished her first one at the New York Marathon this weekend but she joined husband Tom Cruise that same night at the premier of his new film, Lions for Lambs.

Suri and the Shopping Spree

What a beautiful little girl.  It’s not every toddler who gets featured on the front cover of Us Weekly just for shopping with her mom and dad, but she certainly knows how to pull it off.

Such a Beauty. Actually Two!

What a stunning woman. And what an absolutely beautiful baby. This is from People Magazine, and is Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise at the first LA Galaxy game with Beckham.

I was delighted to see her on the cover of People this week:

The description is: A cosmopolitan and self-assured Katie Holmes dazzles as a mother to Suri, wife to Tom Cruise, movie actress and budding style icon.

Nice to see!

Funny how I tend to be on the lookout for people in the news who are involved in Scientology.  I guess it’s because it means so much to me, I’ve gotten so much out of it, that I love to share it with people and see who else is doing it too!

Germany Changes its Tune

What a dramatic turn-around in media over the new Tom Cruise called Valkyrie.

It’s a classic on how the media look for controversy and create it if they can’t find any that’s legit.

First it was that Germany wants to ban the film because Cruise is playing the hero who attempted to assassinate Hitler. Then it’s that Germany has decided to subsidize the film for millions of dollars.

Now, one of the anti-Nazi heroes, Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager, 89, thinks Cruise is perfect for the part and supports the movie.

What is amazing to me is that people still buy old, threadbare lies about Scientology.

All you have to do is look at what Scientologists do, or at the kind of people they are, or go into a Scientology church, or read on of the books L. Ron Hubbard wrote to have this fall apart as utter propaganda.