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Church of Scientology restores L. Ron Hubbard’s Phoenix home

East Valley Tribune:

L. Ron Hubbard had a restlessness that led to a lifetime of traversing the globe. So it was scarcely three years that the eclectic writer and adventurer lived at his “House on Camelback.” That modest home on 44th Street in Phoenix, recently restored to how it looked in 1952, is regarded as a religious historic site – the birthplace of Scientology.

“For it was here that he developed the first exteriorization process and advanced fully into the realm of the human spirit, and here that the religion of Scientology was born” is how the church describes the home, 5501 N. 44th St., now open to private tours.

“There was meticulous work to restore it back to its original state,” said Marlyse Brock, who oversees care of the house, leads tours and does public relations for the church. In June, the restoration work earned a Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Award.

A 55-year-old photo of the house with Hubbard standing on the porch and Camelback Mountain in the background matches what the house looks like today, even with a 1947 Buick Super 8 parked outside. It was characterized as a “humble, little ranch-style house out in what was then the desert outside of town.”>> more

The first time I heard about this event was at an international Scientology event hosted by David Miscavige.  I’ve been meaning to go for a visit.  This has inspired me to make a call and take a long weekend (well, maybe I’ll wait a bit longer till the temperature descends from the over 100 degree mark!)


Scientology News: Harlem Church and Scientology Books

The New Church of Scientology of Harlem

I found this presentation of how the new Church of Scientology in Harlem will look at

What a great building and what a great idea to have a major Scientology church in Harlem!

David Miscavige actually announced this new church a month ago at an international Scientology event in Clearwater, Florida, so it was “Scientology news“, but I was surprised to see it hit the regular news.

Well, I guess it just goes to show that Scientology is newsworthy!

Personally, I think it’s great that this new church is opening.  Harlem represents so much that is good and bad about our country: good in it’s incredible influence on American culture, bad in its typifying all the bigotry, neglect and treachery of white American culture in the way Black culture, pride and opportunity has been so undermined for centuries).

I think that this new church and the community center they are opening is going to be a turning point for Harlem, and that can’t come too soon from my point of view.

There’s another piece of great news, that has to do not just with Harlem but with Scientology anywhere in the world.

The day before the new Harlem church was announced, Mr. Miscavige made another announcement that is making a huge impact on Scientology all over the world. That was the release of all the basic books by L. Ron Hubbard in 15 languages, and all the early taped lectures he recorded as companion lectures to the books, which provide tremendous background and detail on the research he was doing at the time.

All in all it is a great time for the Scientology religion. I’ve never seen Scientologists more optimistic, more involved in their communities and more gung ho.

These books contain so much truth. I’ve been spending some time every day reading them and I feel completely revitalized. I have read them before (I’m reading the Dianetics book right now) but because they are so basic and they deal with so much truth it’s like you’re waking up more and more as a being. I feel so much more alive!

And the fact that this is all available in 15 languages (plus English) is great news, because anyone, anywhere can get a copy of these books, and start on an extension course and man can you improve your life with that!

Will That Be a Bomb with Your McMuffin, Sir?

Yesterday at 9:30 am an explosion blasted out the entire front of the new McDonald’s on Park Street in Kolkata.

A friend of mine who is a Scientology Volunteer Minister emailed me about what happened.

At first everyone thought it was terrorism. Tomorrow and Wednesday are the 60th anniversary of India and Pakistan independence. Tension is high between the India, which is mainly Hindu, and Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir, which are mainly Muslim countries/areas. So the trendy restaurant/disco area that represents Western influence in India would be an obvious target.

McDonald’s opened in March, and my friend told me that on Sunday mornings it is usually packed to overflow with people eating their Mc-breafasts. In fact a whole class of kids from La Martiniere for boys had schedule a breakfast birthday party and would have been in the restaurant if it had blown up half an hour later.

The blast made a missile out of the the metal grill over the front window, killing a young man who was walking by the building. Four employees were hospitalized for burns.

But after the entire site was examined by police and forensic specialists they found no evidence of explosives, and concluded it was cause by something wrong with the high-compression air conditioning system (Hey. I’d rather be hot…)

The Volunteer Ministers were among the first to arrive at the scene. These volunteers have done a lot of training of New Delhi emergency relief workers, and they got right to work providing crowd control, seeing to the proper care of the injured and helping the police and rescue workers.

It was pouring down rain throughout the day, but the VMs stayed and were acknowledged by the police who were very grateful to the VM leader, Mohammad Khalil Ullah and his team’s fast response. The VMs helped with everything from cleaning up the debris to making sure the roads were clogged by rubbernecking motorists.

This was another classic example of what Scientology leader David Miscavige as the most recognizable characteristic of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers: “They have become internationally known and recognized for what has been described as spiritual first aid, and to that end they are ready and organized to respond to any disaster.”

(The man in the yellow VM jacket is Md. Kalhil Ullah, the leader of the West Bengal Scientology Volunteer Ministers.)

Dianetics Still Blows my Mind

I’m reading the Dianetics book again. It’s one of the first books I read by L. Ron Hubbard. Made a lot of sense then. In fact it was such a relief to finally get something that did make sense in the field of the mind.

I’ve known for years that psychology was a crap shoot. I’d spent an entire semester in psychology with a professor who would take up study after study and shoot each down. as flawed and worthless. Despite his arrogance, I had to agree. The only study he liked was some obscure experiment with planeria (flatworms) where the psychologist in question had cut off their heads and watched what they do (flatworms can grow new heads. Lucky for them.) Come to find out he was describing his own PHD thesis. The experiment reminded me of what the 3rd grade boys who were real losers used to do with worms and bugs. So did he, for that matter. He was also about the worst lecturer I ever had and his tests were a complete joke. It was completely a matter of chance and his whim whether you would pass them or not.

So, to find something that was just straight talk and made sense to me was refreshing. Even exciting. I kept reading Dianetics — sound logic, and information I had never encountered before but which helped me understand myself–it was terrific. I actually couldn’t put it down (me, who liked text books about as much as I liked reading the legal briefs. Not.)

I was sure it would work, and I was right. It did. It still does.

There’s a terrific new course anyone can do — an extension course (like a correspondence course). David Miscavige (Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center) released the new edition of the Dianetics book and all the other Scientology basic books at a huge event in Clearwater. The event was replayed at another huge event in LA, which is where I saw it a few weeks ago (I always love going to these international events and hearing the briefings by David Miscavige because there’s so much going on in Scientology these days you just can’t keep up by the grape vine anymore–but about that, more later.)

You can locate a Scientology church through the Scientology global locator and just write in and say you want to take it. Very reasonably priced and really helpful. I’m on it. And even though I’ve read the book several times already, I’m finding that the questions on the extension course exercises are helping me hone in on important points in the text and learn stuff I’d never learned before.

I haven’t done any Dianetics auditing in quite a while, but reading this book has me raring to go again.

I’m planning to do the course on all the basic Scientology and Dianetics books. I expect I’ll be posting about them quite a bit. The time I put into reading and doing the course is a total delight. A highlight of my week. So what else would I post about?

Freedom of Religion

Why did the Founding Fathers insist on freedom of religion as a human right, and write it into the constitution as the 1st amendment? Why have their been wars fueled by religious intolerance right up to the present?

For people who take freedom of religion for granted, and live in a fairly tolerant society (even if there are some few who spew hatred toward others’ beliefs on the Internet, at least they aren’t throwing the objects of their rage to the lions or cutting out their tongues these days) it may seem an unnecessary right. But it is not at all. It may be the most basic right of all.

I want to share a video that expresses the importance and the beauty of this right in a way I’ve never seen before.

This video was shown at an event in Clearwater, Florida a few weeks ago, and was re-aired in every Scientology church around the world last weekend. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center MC’ed the event and when introduced this particular video it had the whole crowd mesmerized.

There are certain things I find particularly beautiful in life. This one is on a par with any of them.


P.S. This video is a public service announcements (PSA) video illustrates one of the precepts of The Way to Happiness, a non-religious moral code anyone can use, written by L. Ron Hubbard. The director/producer of this PSA is a genius, and he has created PSAs for each of the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness, all of them really worth watching.

Such a Beauty. Actually Two!

What a stunning woman. And what an absolutely beautiful baby. This is from People Magazine, and is Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise at the first LA Galaxy game with Beckham.

I was delighted to see her on the cover of People this week:

The description is: A cosmopolitan and self-assured Katie Holmes dazzles as a mother to Suri, wife to Tom Cruise, movie actress and budding style icon.

Nice to see!

Funny how I tend to be on the lookout for people in the news who are involved in Scientology.  I guess it’s because it means so much to me, I’ve gotten so much out of it, that I love to share it with people and see who else is doing it too!

Scientology Beliefs

The term “Scientology beliefs” is actually a misnomer. The reason is explained on the Scientology web site:

“In Scientology no one is asked to accept anything as belief or on faith. That which is true for you is what you have observed to be true. An individual discovers for himself that Scientology works by personally applying its principles and observing or experiencing results.”

This is a brand new concept for a religion, as most religions are about faith, but it becomes very clear when you read Scientology and Dianetics books by L. Ron Hubbard.

His books are pretty remarkable. By reading them I have gained so much insight into myself and questions I’ve had forever: Who am I? What is the purpose of all this? What happens to me when I die? Have I lived before?

It is pretty startling to find that these are not esoteric questions at all, and the answers are available to anyone.

And now all the Scientology and Dianetics books have just been re-released. For the Western Hemisphere they have been published by Bridge Publications. It was announced last week at an international Scientology event, by Mr. David Miscavige.

For the rest of the world, the publisher is New Era Publications International