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Virtual Help

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site now has a virtual goodwill tour, where people can check out and take services online.

That means anyone, anywhere on Earth, can now have the kind of help the VMs are famous for.

This expands the activities a million-fold!


Katie Holmes — the Winner

It takes guts to finish a marathon, and Katie Holmes not only finished her first one at the New York Marathon this weekend but she joined husband Tom Cruise that same night at the premier of his new film, Lions for Lambs.

Scientology Wins Religion Recognition in Spain

Great news on the Scientology Press Office web site today. Scientologists in Spain have finally been given their freedom of religion in that country.

Today, the National Court in Madrid issued a landmark decision affirming the right to religious freedom in Spain by recognizing that the National Church of Scientology of Spain should be entered in the Registry of Religious Entities.

“This recognition marks the end of an era in which Spanish Scientologists were forced to fight for their rights to religious freedom. It vindicates the Church of Scientology and is a new beginning for all Spanish Scientologists,” said Ivan Arjona, spokesperson for the National Church of Scientology in Spain.

The National Court thoroughly examined the Church’s formative documents and aims and purposes to unequivocally determine that the National Church of Scientology of Spain has the right to be registered as a religion under Spanish law.

I remember when the Spanish case began in the late 1980’s and was so happy when we won the case a few years back and then we opened the Church of Scientology of Spain in Madrid to celebrate, but this is the best news yet!

Scientology helped Seinfeld in comedy career

I’m late commenting on it, but the “news” this week that Comedian Jerry Seinfeld credits Scientology with making him a better comic is interesting.

It makes sense to me.

For one thing, according to L. Ron Hubbard and what he covered in the book Science of Survival, sense of humor is connected to the emotional well being of the person.  If you can spot someone on the tone scale you can predict what he or she will find funny.   There is even a section in the book that helps someone locate the correct tone level (emotional state) of an entire audience in under 2 minutes.  That could mean the difference between popularity and a complete flop for a stand up comic.

Then there is communication.  What Seinfeld brought up in his interview was the skill he learned in communicating.  It is very true that Scientology emphasizes communication as a vital part of life.  If fact, Hubbard discovered that it is one of the three component parts of life, the other two being Affinity and Reality.

There are drills you can learn to improve your ability to communicate to anyone — even a dysfunctional boss or a family member.  What is amazing is how effective it is– no matter what the other person is like, if you have this skill you can actually keep the stress down to a bare minimum and even improve the relationship with those impossible people you know.

Longterm Fatigue from Chemotherapy/Radiation

I don’t know why it took a formal study to find out that there is longterm fatigue following breast cancer treatments. All you would have to do is hang out an an oncologist’s office and ask the women who are waiting for their follow-up checkups.

How much do you think it cost for the “researchers” at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla to do their follow-up study? And who financed the research?

What women really need is not someone confirming that they feel like crap. They need something that will help them feel better.

I’ll tell you what I would tell anyone in this condition — do the Purification Rundown. It is enormously effective at getting rid of the toxins that lodge in the body. Not only that, it is effective at getting rid of the residual effects of radiations. And the effects of both can be and usually are very long-lasting.

But perhaps even more important is the increased emotional and spiritual wellbeing you experience from completing the rundown. It’s quite amazing. Who would have thought that having these kinds of drugs and toxins lodged in the body could lower your emotional tone and make you more subject to mental and emotional problems. But they do.

L. Ron Hubbard did extensive research into the relationship between the spiritual and the physical and the nature of the being and his/her purposes and goals in life. Fortunately for us he also fully documented his research and published books and recorded taped lectures so anyone can share the knowledge he gained.

The basic books and lectures of Dianetics and Scientology were released last month by David Miscavige at an international event in Clearwater, and Scientologists are avidly studying these works in 16 languages at all corners of the world. But they are great reading and listening for anyone who is searching for answers about themselves and their spirituality.

They are available for purchase online at

Scientology’s Fair Tax Plot

It has to make you wonder what the powers that be are worried about when it comes to Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn who has announced is candidacy for President.

Why else would The Republic and CBS News be suddenly “revealing” that Scientology was promoting National Sales Tax back in the 1990s.

Wow, what a secret! It was only the subject of a half dozen issues of Freedom Magazines in the late 80s and early 90s.

And of course “journalist” Bruce Bartlett, couldn’t resist trying to trash Scientology as the entire first paragraph of the piece, by denigrating so-called beliefs of the Church.

To put it in the proper perspective, despite GW Bush’s near record-breaking lack of popular support, you will never see an article that says “President Bush, a Fundamentalist Christian, whose adherents actually believe a virgin gave birth to a kid whose parent was God, and that the child grew up to believe he could walk on water, cure lepers and “transform” a single loaf of bread and one fish into a feast for the multitudes, signed a law today authorizing….”

It’s a shame today’s media is so unwilling to coexist more amicably with it’s fellow first amendment right — freedom of religion.

Summer Sunday in LA

Hard to believe it’s the (sniff) last Sunday in August.

The stores are full of back-to-school specials and people are racing to the beach for the last weekend before Labor Day, when it will be too crowded.

I remember how I  used to dread going back to school!  Used to do strange things to my stomach, used to feel waves of anxiety.  Just knowing fun was a whole year away!

Wish I’d had study tech then.  It would have made my life so much simpler.

And speaking of study, I’ve been continuing with my study of the Scientology Basic Books and Lectures (released in July by Mr. David Miscavige).  I feel myself growing and changing by the hour.  It is so amazing what L. Ron Hubbard did in writing these books and in the lectures explaining them.  And the quality of these editions of the books is just incredible.