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Haitian survivor gets new leg


Scientology Opens New LA Church

The Church of Scientology of Los Angeles has actually been in the “big blue building” since about 1975 but this new renovation is outrageously beautiful and totally friendly.

Anyone interested in finding out about Scientology–you’ll find out here.

Anyone looking into starting with an introductory Scientology service–no better place on Earth to do it.

Anyone wanting to take advantage of the community programs of the Church–The Way to Happiness activities, anti-drug or human rights program, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers— you are in luck–it’s all here.

And now is the time to do it.  David Miscavige made it very clear that the Church is for everyone–and that is totally true–it’s built right into the floor plans with a third of the space dedicated to servicing people new to Scientology.

Virtual Help

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site now has a virtual goodwill tour, where people can check out and take services online.

That means anyone, anywhere on Earth, can now have the kind of help the VMs are famous for.

This expands the activities a million-fold!

Self-Help Site Changes Man’s Life

It’s rare you learn of a site that has so much impact it restores someone’s faith and gives him a new outlook on life. That’s the story that came out this week about the Scientology Handbook web site. The site, published by the Church of Scientology International, contains a cross section of the information in many of the chapters of the actual book, and it works. That’s the thing about Scientology technology. It works! Here’s the story:

A visitor to the Scientology Handbook web site was surprised to find that the skills he learned made such a difference in his outlook and ability. Here is what he wrote. “Nothing could be done about it. “I knew the brain, a mechanism created by cosmic chance, decayed and died. And that was it. Nothing followed or preceded life. I wanted to have faith, but every time I asked, ‘Is there something more out there?’ all I heard back was silence. “Worse, I didn’t feel like I had any control over what was in front of me right now. Nothing in this purposeless existence could be bettered or significantly changed.>>more

For more information on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program, there is an excerpt from a speech my David Miscavige, which I recommend. >>

Will That Be a Bomb with Your McMuffin, Sir?

Yesterday at 9:30 am an explosion blasted out the entire front of the new McDonald’s on Park Street in Kolkata.

A friend of mine who is a Scientology Volunteer Minister emailed me about what happened.

At first everyone thought it was terrorism. Tomorrow and Wednesday are the 60th anniversary of India and Pakistan independence. Tension is high between the India, which is mainly Hindu, and Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir, which are mainly Muslim countries/areas. So the trendy restaurant/disco area that represents Western influence in India would be an obvious target.

McDonald’s opened in March, and my friend told me that on Sunday mornings it is usually packed to overflow with people eating their Mc-breafasts. In fact a whole class of kids from La Martiniere for boys had schedule a breakfast birthday party and would have been in the restaurant if it had blown up half an hour later.

The blast made a missile out of the the metal grill over the front window, killing a young man who was walking by the building. Four employees were hospitalized for burns.

But after the entire site was examined by police and forensic specialists they found no evidence of explosives, and concluded it was cause by something wrong with the high-compression air conditioning system (Hey. I’d rather be hot…)

The Volunteer Ministers were among the first to arrive at the scene. These volunteers have done a lot of training of New Delhi emergency relief workers, and they got right to work providing crowd control, seeing to the proper care of the injured and helping the police and rescue workers.

It was pouring down rain throughout the day, but the VMs stayed and were acknowledged by the police who were very grateful to the VM leader, Mohammad Khalil Ullah and his team’s fast response. The VMs helped with everything from cleaning up the debris to making sure the roads were clogged by rubbernecking motorists.

This was another classic example of what Scientology leader David Miscavige as the most recognizable characteristic of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers: “They have become internationally known and recognized for what has been described as spiritual first aid, and to that end they are ready and organized to respond to any disaster.”

(The man in the yellow VM jacket is Md. Kalhil Ullah, the leader of the West Bengal Scientology Volunteer Ministers.)

Why they Volunteer

A couple of years ago I met someone who is very special. She and her sister went to Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit on December 26th 2004.

They spent about five months, helping people recover from the devastation they experienced. It was grueling work: long hours, living under very rough conditions, and having to face so much human misery. But when she described it to me what she remembered was all the people she helped and how much the experience changed her life.

I think the world of her for having just dropped everything to go over to a place like that and volunteer for months. She had to give up her job and her apartment, didn’t know how anything about where she was going–just that people disparately needed help.

It’s a special kind of person who will do something like that. Don’t you think so?

She’s a Scientology Volunteer Minister (VM) and over the past 6 years or so VMs have been there for most of the major disasters of the world. The Scientology Press Office has a whole section on VM news and you can see the kinds of things VMs are doing.

It’s a very common part of Scientology to use what you learn to help other people.

You actually don’t have to be a Scientologist to be a VM. Anyone can take VM training, which consists of a study of the Scientology Handbook along with practical exercises in how to apply the techniques in the handbook.

The book is based on the works of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. And even if you can’t pick up and travel to the ends of the earth to help in times of disaster, everyone knows someone who needs some help, and as a VM you really learn how to help people.