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Scientology helped Seinfeld in comedy career

I’m late commenting on it, but the “news” this week that Comedian Jerry Seinfeld credits Scientology with making him a better comic is interesting.

It makes sense to me.

For one thing, according to L. Ron Hubbard and what he covered in the book Science of Survival, sense of humor is connected to the emotional well being of the person.  If you can spot someone on the tone scale you can predict what he or she will find funny.   There is even a section in the book that helps someone locate the correct tone level (emotional state) of an entire audience in under 2 minutes.  That could mean the difference between popularity and a complete flop for a stand up comic.

Then there is communication.  What Seinfeld brought up in his interview was the skill he learned in communicating.  It is very true that Scientology emphasizes communication as a vital part of life.  If fact, Hubbard discovered that it is one of the three component parts of life, the other two being Affinity and Reality.

There are drills you can learn to improve your ability to communicate to anyone — even a dysfunctional boss or a family member.  What is amazing is how effective it is– no matter what the other person is like, if you have this skill you can actually keep the stress down to a bare minimum and even improve the relationship with those impossible people you know.


Scientology News: Harlem Church and Scientology Books

The New Church of Scientology of Harlem

I found this presentation of how the new Church of Scientology in Harlem will look at

What a great building and what a great idea to have a major Scientology church in Harlem!

David Miscavige actually announced this new church a month ago at an international Scientology event in Clearwater, Florida, so it was “Scientology news“, but I was surprised to see it hit the regular news.

Well, I guess it just goes to show that Scientology is newsworthy!

Personally, I think it’s great that this new church is opening.  Harlem represents so much that is good and bad about our country: good in it’s incredible influence on American culture, bad in its typifying all the bigotry, neglect and treachery of white American culture in the way Black culture, pride and opportunity has been so undermined for centuries).

I think that this new church and the community center they are opening is going to be a turning point for Harlem, and that can’t come too soon from my point of view.

There’s another piece of great news, that has to do not just with Harlem but with Scientology anywhere in the world.

The day before the new Harlem church was announced, Mr. Miscavige made another announcement that is making a huge impact on Scientology all over the world. That was the release of all the basic books by L. Ron Hubbard in 15 languages, and all the early taped lectures he recorded as companion lectures to the books, which provide tremendous background and detail on the research he was doing at the time.

All in all it is a great time for the Scientology religion. I’ve never seen Scientologists more optimistic, more involved in their communities and more gung ho.

These books contain so much truth. I’ve been spending some time every day reading them and I feel completely revitalized. I have read them before (I’m reading the Dianetics book right now) but because they are so basic and they deal with so much truth it’s like you’re waking up more and more as a being. I feel so much more alive!

And the fact that this is all available in 15 languages (plus English) is great news, because anyone, anywhere can get a copy of these books, and start on an extension course and man can you improve your life with that!

A Religious “Handbook” that Works?

There is one very simple Scientology book that happens to be online in a shortened version, and which literally anyone can benefit from bookmarking and using frequently. It’s the Scientology Handbook. It’s based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard and its name is really appropriate.

A handbook is defined as “A concise manual or reference book providing specific information or instruction about a subject or place,” and Scientology can be defined as follows (courtesy of the online Scientology Glossary

Scientology applied religious philosophy. It is the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life. Scientology means scio, knowing in the fullest sense of the word and logos, study. In itself the word means literally knowing how to know. Scientology is a ‘route,’ a way, rather than a dissertation or an assertive body of knowledge. Through its drills and studies one may find the truth for himself. The technology is therefore not expounded as something to believe, but something to do.”

And the Scientology Handbook gives you plenty to do.

Here just one example of how anyone can use the book or the web site (you don’t have to be a Scientologist to use it).

A friend is in an abusive relationship. As is so often the case, she feels it’s her own fault. She thinks if she just tries a little harder she can help him. Sure he’s an alcoholic, but that’s why he acts the way he does–he really loves her.” You’re worried because she is showing up more frequently with black and blue marks. Maybe she even “broke her arm” because of an “accident” recently. You have tried to reason with her but it doesn’t work. You are close to giving up entirely, but you are really worried about her.

When you have tried to communicate with her, it has gone nowhere, and now she’s even avoiding you.

Here are the problems:

1. How to do restore your communication with her sufficiently that you can even bring up the subject again, and

2. Once you can talk to her how to you get her to see this!?

So. The first thing is go to the chapter in the Scientology Handbook components of understanding. This chapter gives a very precise and effective drill on how you can patch up and improve your communication with anyone.

2. Now, study the chapter on the Ups and Downs of Life so you understand what an antisocial personality is yourself. Once you have understood this, get your friend’s agreement to read the chapter and do the drill of evaluating her boyfriend against the characteristics listed.

You may be very surprised how effective these two chapters will be in helping you help her help herself!

Why they Volunteer

A couple of years ago I met someone who is very special. She and her sister went to Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit on December 26th 2004.

They spent about five months, helping people recover from the devastation they experienced. It was grueling work: long hours, living under very rough conditions, and having to face so much human misery. But when she described it to me what she remembered was all the people she helped and how much the experience changed her life.

I think the world of her for having just dropped everything to go over to a place like that and volunteer for months. She had to give up her job and her apartment, didn’t know how anything about where she was going–just that people disparately needed help.

It’s a special kind of person who will do something like that. Don’t you think so?

She’s a Scientology Volunteer Minister (VM) and over the past 6 years or so VMs have been there for most of the major disasters of the world. The Scientology Press Office has a whole section on VM news and you can see the kinds of things VMs are doing.

It’s a very common part of Scientology to use what you learn to help other people.

You actually don’t have to be a Scientologist to be a VM. Anyone can take VM training, which consists of a study of the Scientology Handbook along with practical exercises in how to apply the techniques in the handbook.

The book is based on the works of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. And even if you can’t pick up and travel to the ends of the earth to help in times of disaster, everyone knows someone who needs some help, and as a VM you really learn how to help people.