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Scientology in Texas

Cool article in the University of Texas newspaper about the Scientology church in Austin.

Austin’s a really interesting town. Not at all what I thought Texas would be like. I always had the idea Texas was all desert–from too many Westerns no doubt.

When I first went to Austin I was shocked to find it was as humid as my native New York and way hot. It was green, with rolling hills, lakes and rivers. Nothing like I thought it would be.

Austin is the state capital, so there are the traditional American buildings that look like anytown capital USA.

And the college campus of UT was very much like any other college campus I’d ever seen.

But I also loved the friendliness and hospitality of the town, and the eclectic atmosphere that comes from a college town.

And then of course, there’s Willie!

Here’s a bit of the article:

The Church of Scientology of Texas is located across from the heart of UT’s campus, but there are few students who come to the center, said Director of Special Affairs Cathy Norman.

“Although we’re located near campus, we’re not exclusively students,” said Norman, who got involved with Scientology in the 1970s when she was a UT student. “The outreach is to everyone.”

There was a higher percentage of student involvement and interest when the center moved to its current location in 1980 because the Scientology movement was fairly young then, she said. There are not any certain programs aimed towards students now.

Scientology literally means “the study of truth,” according to the religion’s official Web site. It is about a set of ideas connected to the human mind and spirit and a set of practices that can be important to people, Norman said. >>


Scientology Wins Religion Recognition in Spain

Great news on the Scientology Press Office web site today. Scientologists in Spain have finally been given their freedom of religion in that country.

Today, the National Court in Madrid issued a landmark decision affirming the right to religious freedom in Spain by recognizing that the National Church of Scientology of Spain should be entered in the Registry of Religious Entities.

“This recognition marks the end of an era in which Spanish Scientologists were forced to fight for their rights to religious freedom. It vindicates the Church of Scientology and is a new beginning for all Spanish Scientologists,” said Ivan Arjona, spokesperson for the National Church of Scientology in Spain.

The National Court thoroughly examined the Church’s formative documents and aims and purposes to unequivocally determine that the National Church of Scientology of Spain has the right to be registered as a religion under Spanish law.

I remember when the Spanish case began in the late 1980’s and was so happy when we won the case a few years back and then we opened the Church of Scientology of Spain in Madrid to celebrate, but this is the best news yet!

Scientology News: Harlem Church and Scientology Books

The New Church of Scientology of Harlem

I found this presentation of how the new Church of Scientology in Harlem will look at

What a great building and what a great idea to have a major Scientology church in Harlem!

David Miscavige actually announced this new church a month ago at an international Scientology event in Clearwater, Florida, so it was “Scientology news“, but I was surprised to see it hit the regular news.

Well, I guess it just goes to show that Scientology is newsworthy!

Personally, I think it’s great that this new church is opening.  Harlem represents so much that is good and bad about our country: good in it’s incredible influence on American culture, bad in its typifying all the bigotry, neglect and treachery of white American culture in the way Black culture, pride and opportunity has been so undermined for centuries).

I think that this new church and the community center they are opening is going to be a turning point for Harlem, and that can’t come too soon from my point of view.

There’s another piece of great news, that has to do not just with Harlem but with Scientology anywhere in the world.

The day before the new Harlem church was announced, Mr. Miscavige made another announcement that is making a huge impact on Scientology all over the world. That was the release of all the basic books by L. Ron Hubbard in 15 languages, and all the early taped lectures he recorded as companion lectures to the books, which provide tremendous background and detail on the research he was doing at the time.

All in all it is a great time for the Scientology religion. I’ve never seen Scientologists more optimistic, more involved in their communities and more gung ho.

These books contain so much truth. I’ve been spending some time every day reading them and I feel completely revitalized. I have read them before (I’m reading the Dianetics book right now) but because they are so basic and they deal with so much truth it’s like you’re waking up more and more as a being. I feel so much more alive!

And the fact that this is all available in 15 languages (plus English) is great news, because anyone, anywhere can get a copy of these books, and start on an extension course and man can you improve your life with that!

Freedom of Religion

Why did the Founding Fathers insist on freedom of religion as a human right, and write it into the constitution as the 1st amendment? Why have their been wars fueled by religious intolerance right up to the present?

For people who take freedom of religion for granted, and live in a fairly tolerant society (even if there are some few who spew hatred toward others’ beliefs on the Internet, at least they aren’t throwing the objects of their rage to the lions or cutting out their tongues these days) it may seem an unnecessary right. But it is not at all. It may be the most basic right of all.

I want to share a video that expresses the importance and the beauty of this right in a way I’ve never seen before.

This video was shown at an event in Clearwater, Florida a few weeks ago, and was re-aired in every Scientology church around the world last weekend. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center MC’ed the event and when introduced this particular video it had the whole crowd mesmerized.

There are certain things I find particularly beautiful in life. This one is on a par with any of them.


P.S. This video is a public service announcements (PSA) video illustrates one of the precepts of The Way to Happiness, a non-religious moral code anyone can use, written by L. Ron Hubbard. The director/producer of this PSA is a genius, and he has created PSAs for each of the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness, all of them really worth watching.