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Discrimination comes in many shapes and sizes


The Joke’s On Us

Mike Adams Cartoon certaintly expresses it!

I notice BetsyD found it before me!

Let’s top it off with a video:

Oprah and Bono Campaigning to Help the Victims of AIDS in Africa

I loved reading about the bright idea Bono and Oprah have put in place to fight AIDS:

O & Bono’s Shopping Spree

Click to watchWhen Oprah Winfrey and Bono team up, you just know it’s for something big.

The two celeb humanitarians hit up Michigan Avenue in Chicago and zipped in and out of stores selling Product (RED) merchandise – an effort benefiting the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Apple, Gap, Motorola and Emporio Armani have joined the cause, which is backed by Bobby Shriver and the U2 frontman. “What’s great about (RED) is I’m not asking you to give money or write a check or give to charity,” says Bono, “I’m asking you to buy (RED) products and the companies who make those products will be making the checks, that’s so cool.”

The products, all of which are the color of the campaign name, include iPods, RazR phones and clothing.

Bono will appear on Oprah’s talk show today to talk more about the U.S. launch of (RED).

Human Rights

I decided to start a WordPress blog at the suggestion of a friend of mine who swears by his.

What strikes my fancy today is the human rights videos from Youth for Human Rights. I’ve just been at YouTube watching some of them.

Here’s one of my favorites:
We are All Born Free and Equal.

This is what I like most about this video apart from the fact that it is beautiful and very moving.

It was created by a 21-year-old genius of a director named Taron Lexton. He actually directed all of these videos, which were produced by the Church of Scientology International.

Taron’s first film attempt was a music video called UNITED which has gone on to win numerous awards. UNITED is a hip-hop music video that tells of bullying and how one kid overcomes it without himself succumbing to the same mentality.

It’s not always the easiest thing to do.

But I think it’s interesting that even though people tend to be cynical, our favorite movies are about people who held to their own personal integrity despite any invitations to do otherwise.