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Dianetics Still Blows my Mind

I’m reading the Dianetics book again. It’s one of the first books I read by L. Ron Hubbard. Made a lot of sense then. In fact it was such a relief to finally get something that did make sense in the field of the mind.

I’ve known for years that psychology was a crap shoot. I’d spent an entire semester in psychology with a professor who would take up study after study and shoot each down. as flawed and worthless. Despite his arrogance, I had to agree. The only study he liked was some obscure experiment with planeria (flatworms) where the psychologist in question had cut off their heads and watched what they do (flatworms can grow new heads. Lucky for them.) Come to find out he was describing his own PHD thesis. The experiment reminded me of what the 3rd grade boys who were real losers used to do with worms and bugs. So did he, for that matter. He was also about the worst lecturer I ever had and his tests were a complete joke. It was completely a matter of chance and his whim whether you would pass them or not.

So, to find something that was just straight talk and made sense to me was refreshing. Even exciting. I kept reading Dianetics — sound logic, and information I had never encountered before but which helped me understand myself–it was terrific. I actually couldn’t put it down (me, who liked text books about as much as I liked reading the legal briefs. Not.)

I was sure it would work, and I was right. It did. It still does.

There’s a terrific new course anyone can do — an extension course (like a correspondence course). David Miscavige (Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center) released the new edition of the Dianetics book and all the other Scientology basic books at a huge event in Clearwater. The event was replayed at another huge event in LA, which is where I saw it a few weeks ago (I always love going to these international events and hearing the briefings by David Miscavige because there’s so much going on in Scientology these days you just can’t keep up by the grape vine anymore–but about that, more later.)

You can locate a Scientology church through the Scientology global locator and just write in and say you want to take it. Very reasonably priced and really helpful. I’m on it. And even though I’ve read the book several times already, I’m finding that the questions on the extension course exercises are helping me hone in on important points in the text and learn stuff I’d never learned before.

I haven’t done any Dianetics auditing in quite a while, but reading this book has me raring to go again.

I’m planning to do the course on all the basic Scientology and Dianetics books. I expect I’ll be posting about them quite a bit. The time I put into reading and doing the course is a total delight. A highlight of my week. So what else would I post about?