Scientology Mission of Malibu

Just found out about the new Scientology Mission of Malibu from a posting on the Celebrity Scientologists blog.

What a beautiful place! Wouldn’t mind spending time there every week!

Traditionally missions are smaller that Scientology churches, and are sometimes more out of the way (as in countries where Scientology is just starting up, like the Philippines, Nigeria, Costa Rica etc.). But Scientologists who want to help people get started in Scientology and provide services in their own community often open missions and they offer life improvement courses, book courses, introductory services and auditing through the State of Clear.

This particular mission, in Malibu, is stunning! It really fits in with the upbeat trendy atmosphere of Malibu.

The Mission offers the public Dianetics seminars, Life Improvement Courses to help improve things like relationships, communication skills, getting along with others, personal values and integrity, work, money, and more. They also offer personal counseling (also called auditing) up to the state called Clear.

They also offer the Purification Rundown. They have a beautiful sauna and exercise equipment for that purpose. L. Ron Hubbard discovered that the individual cannot make full spiritual gain when he or she has been taking drugs. The Purification Rundown rids the body of residues of drugs and toxins. It can help detox a person currently on drugs and help him overcome cravings for drugs in the future, but where it fits in with Scientology, it makes it possible to make full gains from Scientology auditing

The Church Of Scientology Mission of Malibu offers several free introductory services for the public such as free personality and IQ testing, seminars, films, and tours.

They are happy to have people drop in and find out what Scientology is about.

If you have any questions about their hours of operation or when the next seminar is, or anything else, go ahead and give them a call at 310-317-1980. Or you can email the Mission at .


One response to “Scientology Mission of Malibu

  1. Looks fabulous! Can’t wait to tour it myself. I have a lot of peeps in the ‘Bu that could use that communication course and will feel perfectly at home in such a beautiful space!!!

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