Tom Cruise Bio — Anything worth reading?

Ever notice that people who “can’t” can sure bad-mouth people who “can”?

Back when I was a teenager, my mother warned me to keep my own integrity and never believe the bad things people said until I checked it out myself.

Pity Andrew Morton never met my mother, or that his own didn’t have a similar piece of advice, or that he didn’t listen.

Of course, seems his whole career has been based on this kind of unverifiable, fabricated clap-trap, so I guess it would not be to his advantage to state facts or truth. They his books would just have to depend on his ability to write vs. the controversy he generates as a smokescreen to his lack of ability.


One response to “Tom Cruise Bio — Anything worth reading?

  1. It is also interesting how a guy like Morton will accuse others of bad things when he himself is committing nasty acts constantly: The World of Andrew Morton

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