Bionic Women

Lindsay Wagner (Jaime Sommers) was a great Bionic Woman. The show had heart, and was just fun to watch. In 1975/1976 the idea of having bionic body parts was pretty cutting edge. Heart transplants were still rare and very dangerous, but we were all still very optimistic that this would change the world (or at least a small corner of it). The Viet Nam War had just been over for a year, and the Cold War was still raging.

We’re ever so much more sophisticated and world-wise now than we were then. And our tastes run toward the edgy.

As corny as Lindsay’s woman was, she had heart.

But Michelle Ryan’s new incarnation is much more fitting for today, and the show is great. You have to take it in its own right without trying to compare it to the 70’s version and you’ll love it.


5 responses to “Bionic Women

  1. Michelle Ryan while hot is not a patch on Lindsay Wagner.
    Wagner had stunning beauty and while the original show may now seem a bit corny,it was its innocence and acting ability of Wagner that made it such a great show.
    I loved the sound efffects, and no one has ever looked hotter running in slow-mo!!.
    I wonder if Ryan will win an Emmy for her portrayl of Jaime?.

  2. Lindsay Wagner The Bionic Women was the best, the new one is not, so good, no camparsing to lindsay wagner.

  3. +1 on the Lindsay Wagner rules.

  4. i think you need to judge each version seperately , Michelle does an excellent job for the upto date version and Lindsay Wagner was excellent in her time (my time too) …… whilst the old verion is now dated , in its day it was top notch alongside the bionic man, todays version is the same now, upto date and rocking 😀

    and BOTH women , absolutely gorgeous 😀 a bit of eye candy always works 😀

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