Should Facebook Have Provided More Oversight?

According to Reuters New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said on Monday his office has subpoenaed Facebook, accusing the social networking site of not keeping young users safe from sexual predators and not responding to user complaints.>>

The controversy  is over whether there is adequate oversight in Facebook, and this applies to any social networking site, where its very anonymity makes the Internet a potential tool for criminals to abuse the freedom of others.  I have my own very firm belief, that each of us is responsible for the ethical standards of any group to which we belong and the members in it.  I also believe that you should not set up a system that is open to this kind of abuse without also setting up control to prevent such harm.

However, I am not happy about the way this “trial” is being played out in the media.  I think it is grotesque that even before an indictment is handed down, media are conducting a trial by public opinion in their print and online editions.  On the other hand, with the speed of information today, how can this be circumvented.  The most the Founding Fathers  had to contend with and could predict is some hothead in one city publishing a few hundred pamphlets and passing them out.  Maybe a few weeks or months later they might make it to outlying cities.  Now the mere mention of a problem by the NY AG and people in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Cameroon are reading about it on their Wi-Fi powered laptops instantly.


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