Self-Help Site Changes Man’s Life

It’s rare you learn of a site that has so much impact it restores someone’s faith and gives him a new outlook on life. That’s the story that came out this week about the Scientology Handbook web site. The site, published by the Church of Scientology International, contains a cross section of the information in many of the chapters of the actual book, and it works. That’s the thing about Scientology technology. It works! Here’s the story:

A visitor to the Scientology Handbook web site was surprised to find that the skills he learned made such a difference in his outlook and ability. Here is what he wrote. “Nothing could be done about it. “I knew the brain, a mechanism created by cosmic chance, decayed and died. And that was it. Nothing followed or preceded life. I wanted to have faith, but every time I asked, ‘Is there something more out there?’ all I heard back was silence. “Worse, I didn’t feel like I had any control over what was in front of me right now. Nothing in this purposeless existence could be bettered or significantly changed.>>more

For more information on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program, there is an excerpt from a speech my David Miscavige, which I recommend. >>


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