Sex and AIDS–Life and Death

It’s a pretty sorry state when we can be encouraged that “only” 29% of the pregnant women on our country are HIV positive. But that’s the news today out of South Africa.

How many Americans could confront walking down a street in Johannesburg today, knowing that 3 out of every 10 pregnant women we see are living under a death sentence and passing it on to their unborn children.

As reported in 2005 almost half of the 1,200,000 orphans in South Africa lost their parents to AIDS.

The people of the African continent, living under the thread to AIDS have the lowest life expectancy on Earth.

Obviously, sexual abstinence is the most effective preventative measure for sexually transmitted HIV, but what will it take to shift sexual mores to such a degree that we can make a dent in the problem?>> more


One response to “Sex and AIDS–Life and Death

  1. I completely agree with your stance on promiscuity, but after reading Peter H. Duesberg’s book Inventing the AIDS Virus I have to take exception to the assumption that AIDS is caused by HIV.

    I definitely recommend this book. It is technical with a lot of medical jargon, but – and I know you’ll like this – he defines the terms, not once but every single time he uses each term.

    Try googling the book, nearly every detractor resorts to personal attacks and I couldn’t find anything even remotely scientific on any website that has anything negative to say about it. I know this is an odd way to say that a book is good, but I think you will understand.

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