The goal of the Scientology relgion

“The goal of the Scientology religion is to achieve complete certainty of one’s spiritual existence, one’s relationship to the Supreme Being, and his role in eternity,” according to the Scientology theology web site.

I think that’s a pretty remarkable statement. How would someone go about accomplishing this? According to the code that all Scientology auditors (counselors) subscribe to, no one will tell you what that is, but rather will help you find out for yourself.

One thing that really helps your progress in Scientology and accomplish this goal is reading books by L. Ron Hubbard. LRH left a full and detailed record of his research, and the study of his books and tape recorded lectures make up a full 1/3rd of one’s progress in the religion (the other two being through training as an auditor and receiving auditing).

Now, Bridge publications has just released a whole new edition of all of the basic books of L. Ron Hubbard. They are fantastic! I encourage anyone who is interested in finding out about Scientology and accomplishing this goal to read these books!


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