And the New Year Just Keeps Movin

It seems I was just looking forward to Christmas and found myself at the end of January.

Sometimes I feel like Rip Van Winkle.

Anyway, Christmas and New Years were great.  Got an IPod for Christmas, which I adore.

New Years was totally inspirational.  Watching the Scientology New Years Event, getting to get the latest dope from David Miscavige and other Scientology leaders, having Mr. Miscavige lay it on the line as to where our civilization is at and where it’s headed, and the treat of seeing the newest ideal Scientology churches (Church of Scientology of London and Church of Scientology of Berlin) that was such a treat!

I am always inspired to do more when I hear David Miscavige.  What a great leader he is.  Absolutely energized and such a dynamic person!


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